In 2015, on a snowy morning in Colorado, memories of Vietnam (blog entry: Longing for Courage) danced in my head. Ironic, on the eve of a longing fulfilled, ticket in-hand to depart for Vietnam tomorrow, snow once again paints white the Colorado landscape outside my window.

In 2015, still buried in the crux of crisis involving the mental illness of a dearly loved one, traveling to Vietnam lingered out of reach, a far-fetched dream. But, as my previous post proclaimed, the long night draws to an end; and joy comes in the morning.

Born in 1970, I share the passing of years with Thanh, Hope’s Promise’s Vietnam Country Coordinator, my age-mate. Except that while I was climbing trees in Black Forest, he and his family were fleeing desperate conflict. My dad barely completed his Navy service before his ship sailed for Vietnam in 1970. Sometimes the “what if’s/almosts” haunt me. How different would my life be, had he passed through the trauma of active combat?

Beyond this personal intrigue, the stunning beauty of Vietnam and her people have captured my heart on previous journeys…. I return this time with a team of eight other amazing people, a Hope’s Promise Connection Team, hearts open and prepared for the unexpected.

Of one thing, though, I am certain, the Vietnamese people will surely shape me in the coming days as powerfully as they have in the past….

A Secret Garden in Vietnam

Grappling With the American War in Vietnam (Part 1 of 2)

Grappling With the American War in Vietnam (Part 2 of 2)

Sole to Soul in Vietnam

3 thoughts on “A Longing Fulfilled (Return to Vietnam)

  1. Thank you for the post!
    today’s I stumbled onto this post because of a feeling. I left Vietnam when 17, I am now 41, and have not had the chance to return. I somehow found your post comforting, that’s we’re sharing similar feeling except you now completed yours.

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