Just in case you are interested in unique gift ideas, as the holidays ever so rapidly and magically approach, a few changes to my Etsy shop

I’ve added notecards, 6 for $15, in various theme groupings, hand-assembled with cardstock and matte/lustre photos of my original artwork:


My fine art limited edition giclee prints are fully stocked, available for next day shipping (changed from my old format of 1-2 weeks processing time):

the willow lo res

The Willow

And I’ve added new pieces to my original artwork section, also ready for next-day shipping:

all that's lost will be restored lo res

All That’s Lost Will Be Restored; 2017; 15.25″ x 19″, mixed media: graphite, acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel.

While we are on the topic of passing art along from my hands to yours, I’m so grateful for support of friends and family at the Unique Christmas Boutique! (And special thanks to my amazing husband and sons for moving all the furniture!) I partnered with my dear friend Penny Taylor of Re-Find Restorations, a new friend, Suzanna Martin who makes unique bunting banners, and Pamba Toto for our second annual boutique. I usually work on paper, so creating an environmental art experience is a fun challenge. Then, actually inhabiting it with friends and family adds great joy.


My favorite photo from the event – Penny’s daughter Ashlyn twirling in a wash of light and color.

Click photos below to view larger:

A display of Pamba Toto’s stockings and Suzanna’s banner say it best… wishing you all a very…

DSC_0575 FB






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