My beautiful and talented young friend, Brittin Lane Morrell, and I were merrily working on a photo-shoot for Pamba Toto when storm clouds churned overhead and wind blustered down the little alley where we were composing shots.

DSC_0534 smaller reswind


Both our eyes lit up. We love storms. We corralled the wind into a couple shots, then packed up and scurried to a mountain overlook where we could fully revel in this summer gift (click images to view larger).

Not only is Brittin my long-time friend of five years and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, she is a gifted lyric-writer and musician. Enjoy her original song and video (created by our mutual friends, incredibly talented Mitch Morse and Isaac Morse) “The Garden” and check out her new project Brittin Lane EP.

PS Brittin’s talents are even more incredible when you realize she is only 18 years old!



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