Untitled April 2017

Untitled, 2017, 20″ x 25″, mixed media: monotype, watercolor, oil pastel, charcoal, acrylic, collage and (just for fun) a little lithograph pencil.

I would really like to just stop painting. I’m weary of the creative journey at the moment. The impetus – I entered a show and didn’t get in. And I thought – I’m done with this. I would like to be happy doing something else.

I made it almost a month, and then I couldn’t take it any more. I picked up the brushes again. But, feeling frustrated, I gave myself a challenge – to rescue an old piece that died, much as I feel my own motivation  faltering. The beauty of the idea was that I couldn’t fail – the piece was as bad as it could get. In fact, about a year ago, I ripped it in half and crumpled it up, then rescued it from the trash can and stowed it away for another day.

The expressionist style of collage and mixing media freely fit my frame of mind.

So, here is my ode to wishing I could be something else besides an artist.

8 thoughts on “Trying Again

  1. My friend,
    Please….rest your weary mind from the never ending journey. You have a talent that will shine through your darkest hours. It’s okay to walk away from a piece that is tearing you up inside with it’s emotionalism. Put it away. When the demon and his pitchfork give you the breathing room you need to continue, Father will guide you forward. A burden shared…allow us, your friends to lift you to face the sun once again.

    your friend,

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