Arise (3); 2017; 20″ x 25″; watercolor, ink, acrylic.

What if Love has the power to pull you through darkness into looming space so broad and free it takes your breath away?

And what if Love’s mighty agenda is to crown you with the treasures gathered in darkness?

What if Love knows the way to resurrection?


I am convinced that the theme of death and resurrection is encoded into the very heart of the universe. I see it everywhere  – in plants, in seasons, in the human conditions of suffering and hope. In South America, the hummingbird symbolizes resurrection. The tiny creature seems to “die” as it becomes motionless in the cold of night, but “resurrects” in the morning. And so a hummingbird became my central motif in this third and last painting in a series called, Arise.

Arise (3) emerged through a similar process as the creative journey I describe in this blog entry, A Painting Path, pictured below:



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