Beauty Rising

Flicker series (1); 2015; 12" x 9"; mixed media: watercolor, oil based ink, pastel, acrylic.

Flicker series (1); 2015; 12″ x 9″; mixed media: watercolor, oil based ink, pastel, acrylic.

Today, I am thinking about the kind of beauty that rises like a phantom from ashes.

I see remnants of burned-out dreams and hopes scattered on a hillside, companions to blackened tree skeletons. I see ashes, lying there, still and dormant, yet flickering with invisible yearning.

I see ashes that secretly dare to believe: “When I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.” Micah 7:8a.

I’m thinking about those ashes hearing a whisper, their name on the breeze, suddenly alert in a pre-dawn chill.

And then, I see those ashes, disbelieving, hoping against hope:  kneaded, formed, emerging into a mass:  mocking the impossible, a coup of obscene dimensions.

Beauty defying.

Beauty rising.

3 thoughts on “Beauty Rising

  1. Colleen,

    This is so awesome. My gm, Adam and I were just talking about the light of God being there, especially in darkness and then I read your blog with the scripture you quote. Seems like the message God wants me to hear right now. Thank you!

    Love you!


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