I hope that the writing of Bonnie Wellensiek will challenge and inspire you as much as it does me. She is currently serving in South Asia with International Justice Mission:

In Joyful Awe

I was ticked.  Flat-out mad.  And just a little freaked-out.

It wasn’t the money – that was little enough.  It was the…the injustice of it!

Finding an auto-rickshaw to take me home after work was a nightly challenge.   The neighborhood where I was staying until recently was not far from the office, but just far enough that those auto drivers who would stop at all after dark sometimes flatly said “no” and drove off, and those who agreed to take me generally charged nearly double what they would during the day.  Honestly, even the special “you’re-obviously-not-from-around-here” price (about 100 rupees) was still less than $2 and I was eager to get off the street and safely home, so I often agreed without argument.

That night I was relieved when an auto finally stopped.  I explained, with my rudimentary language skills, where I was going, and he told me it would…

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2 thoughts on “Injustice

  1. Colleen – without you, my blog quite literally wouldn’t exist. Your dance of colors and words always makes my heart skip along in time and starts my fingers tapping. Thank you for being a friend and a role model in art and life.


    • I was just telling David this morning how much I admire and like you Bonnie! You have paid your dues in the journey of following Jesus, and the resulting authenticity of your faith and joy is rare and inspiring. I’m deeply honored to call you friend! And I hope a lot of people discover your writing very soon, because it is incredibly rich.


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