Open Road

open road

Opportunity curves gray

beyond where eye can see,

cleaves fields and hills,

leaps into hazy purple clouds

far far away.

Red tractor shimmers in fading sun,

what matters most blazes into sharp relief.

Green stalks grow like dreams,

with only an expanse of blue to touch.

Spiral bales keep watch

over those passing through.

There are deeper secrets,

they seem to say,

for those who choose to stay.

Here where the sky is so big,

anything is possible.

Big Sky

9 thoughts on “Open Road

    • You are definitely part of it! 🙂 I didn’t end up using any photos from our “shoot” because I loved the lighting on the ones I did end up using, but I folded in what I learned from our shoot to get to the ones I used. Thanks again for a really fun drive looking at hay and farm equipment! Love you!


    • You are the very sweet man who didn’t think I was silly for wanting to pull over in the middle of nowhere to take photos of a road and a tractor! 🙂 you are the best. I wrote the beginnings of this poem after driving to Garden City, KS; but rolled in the drive from Steamboat too.


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