Tonia Nifong and Evelyn Wyss, 40:31 Dance Collective of Colorado Springs, “Hide me in the cleft.”

I am currently intrigued by the idea of the physical body as a seed for our eternal being, as a tangible hint of transcendent truth. Through artistic studies, I’m ruminating: What if our visceral beings germinate in the soil of life on earth like a seed, only a shadow of what we will become? What if, like a flower, we emerge into eternity, embodying a beauty unimaginable in our previous state?

As a Christian, I find the answers to these questions in the written Word of God. But how can these truths be expressed visually?

Recently, I collaborated with Tonia Nifong, dancer and founder of 40:31 Collective of Colorado Springs, to explore the power of the physical body to express spiritual truth. An incredible privilege to partner with this artist and community leader who says, “I believe in the fullness of God’s life, that rest is a weapon, & to dance is to transcend.”

How does the physical realm hint at spiritual truth for you?

Tonia Nifong and Evelyn Wyss, 40:31 Dance Collective of Colorado Springs.

Immortal Seeds, Fall; 2022; 19″ x 23″; watercolor, ink, acrylic, graphite, chalk.

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