Billows of Joy

I’m still riding the waves of one of the most unbelievably joyful seasons of my life! I’ve gone quiet, pushed under the billows for a couple months:

In April/May, a miraculous, revolutionary trip to Kenya with our daughter adopted from Kenya (first time for her to return after leaving a Mother Teresa orphanage 14 years ago) and a Hopes Promise team of 24 people.

In May/June (up til now), hosting our dear friends from Kenya.

May 26, the wedding of our adored firstborn (officiated by our Kenyan friends) to our beloved daughter-in-law.

Today, I’m cresting the breakers for just a moment to say I’m very much alive and kicking! And I’ll be writing for years to come in order to process and express the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living that I have experienced firsthand these last couple months!

Dancing with my Jacob at his wedding, to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” – how he’s always made me feel.

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