Invisible Chains

Please consider my good friend Bonnie’s invitation and read her story, written from the front lines of human trafficking…

In Joyful Awe

Hello my fellow travelers.  Tonight I’m writing with a dark invitation.

But first, please forgive my long, long silence.  It has been a season of “overwhelmed” for me, but that is not necessarily a bad state… for a season.  There are lessons to be learned in every state and season, and I pray for the wisdom to be an attentive student.  One of the good aspects of my season of overwhelmed was lots and lots of work at the office. And while that work is, in itself, quite ordinary writing, design work and other such tasks, it is done in support of a little band a brave people who are on the front lines of freeing victims of human trafficking.

Which brings me to that invitation…

We hear a lot these days about sex trafficking.  It is unimaginably horrific, and I rejoice that many of my colleagues in other cities…

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