The Power of a Single Flame (Part 2)

When she picked up that first dying man from the gutter, there was no possible way she could foresee the masses across the globe whose lives would be saved. She only knew the fire in her bones could be alleviated no other way. And so she started rescuing, one-by-one, the last and least of the…Read more The Power of a Single Flame (Part 2)

The Power of a Single Flame

What began as a tiny subversive flame in a single heart now rages across the world. First, though, there was a choice: remain in the comfort and familiarity of a religious life, or cast her lot into the teeming chaos of impoverished streets beyond. The flame burned too hot to keep. She quietly shut the…Read more The Power of a Single Flame

Hope for Orphans

If you've read my blog before, you've probably figured out that I care deeply about orphan issues. Beginning with the adoption of two of my children from Kenya through Colorado-based adoption agency and orphan care ministry, Hope's Promise, God took me on a wild ride around the world; and my art often flows out of what I've…Read more Hope for Orphans

Prophetic Art

“Art is the language of the soul.” With these words, one of my lifelong friends exhorted me as I wrestled for years with an insatiable need to express myself visually. For decades I tried to suppress this language, feeling it could not urgently or adequately address the evils I witnessed in the world. It felt…Read more Prophetic Art

Waiting for an Adopted Child to Come Home

Every last state, national, and international document was meticulously prepared, signed, and filed with appropriate authorities. We held our breath, moment-by-moment expecting notification from our lawyer in Kenya that we could book plane tickets and claim our son. His tiny coat hung on the hooks next to our other two boys’, Jacob (4) and Justin…Read more Waiting for an Adopted Child to Come Home

When Normal is Beautiful

Only those who witness the nightmare these kids survived can begin to grasp the enormity of the word that Steve, our dear friend from Kenya, used to describe the current status of the Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) family:  “normal.” He seemed a bit sheepish to employ this simple descriptor while speaking to a gathering of…Read more When Normal is Beautiful

The Battle for an Orphan’s Heart

There were no surface clues to the shadows of her soul. She was elegantly dressed, silver-hair perfectly coiffed. I met her recently at a Pamba Toto sale. She engaged me in conversation, warm and articulate. She questioned me about Sanctuary of Hope, the home for orphans in Kenya that Pamba Toto benefits. I told her…Read more The Battle for an Orphan’s Heart

Offering – Pondering the Lives of Mother Teresa Sisters

Kenya, 2001 (somewhere near Nairobi's second largest slum) Blinking in the transition from blazing equatorial sunlight to sacred shadows, we hesitate in the foyer. The sanctuary stretches before us, an ordination service for new Sisters already in progress. Rows of simple benches packed to capacity march along concrete floors. I spot an open space in…Read more Offering – Pondering the Lives of Mother Teresa Sisters

A Tale of Two Drowning Kids

The waters first lapped at my son’s feet when he was five years-old. I pulled our “twins” (by adoption - they are six weeks apart) from pre-school mid-year when we traveled to Kenya to adopt my daughter, never imagining they would miss the entire second semester. As days melted into weeks, I imposed structure on our nomad existence with…Read more A Tale of Two Drowning Kids

A Most Unexpected Day in Kenya (during Lily’s adoption)

My expectations seemed straightforward and reasonable enough – I would fly from Nairobi to Western Kenya for the day with the Sister Superior of my daughter’s Mother Teresa Orphanage. Our one simple goal: to initiate legal proceedings for my daughter’s adoption. We scheduled our flights with plenty of extra time on either side of an…Read more A Most Unexpected Day in Kenya (during Lily’s adoption)