Of Loss and Hope

I could still hear her crying in protest as I walked away, down a long, sun-laced hall, like a gangplank. The flap of my flip-flops echoed off tile floors, metal-frame windows, and cement walls. I passed an open doorway where older children huddled at a wooden table perched in an otherwise empty room. A sole…Read more Of Loss and Hope

Last Catch (& Baseball’s Last Gift)

Just when we thought baseball bid its last good-bye to our player-son, it beckoned him back with a nomination for the Colorado Springs All-Star game. A couple weeks prior, we absorbed every minute of what we thought was his last game – savored his last hit, memorized the smack of the ball in his catcher’s glove,…Read more Last Catch (& Baseball’s Last Gift)

Reflections As A Son Graduates

Photos I took of my son's senior prom with dear friends. I’m clenching each day in my jaws and shaking loose every ounce of life, savoring every moment, leeching it of presence. Attentive to every emotional nuance, I emblazon sounds and sights on my very soul. Sleep is of secondary importance. A few nights ago, my…Read more Reflections As A Son Graduates

Reflections on my son’s last baseball game

When my first-born, ball-obsessed son, Jacob, was a sweet-faced seven-year old, we signed him up for the local Little League team. Practices were held at a neighborhood park, and my husband and I enjoyed hanging out on the side-lines with our three younger children and other families. We couldn’t have guessed at the time it was…Read more Reflections on my son’s last baseball game

A Beautiful River in Uganda

As most passengers triumphantly hoisted luggage off the belt, my mom and I watched and waited. Finally with a few lonely bags circling round and round in the increasingly vacated baggage claim, we acknowledged the obvious and filtered over to the airline desk to file our claim. Undaunted, we woke the next morning to the…Read more A Beautiful River in Uganda