Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 7

Dear readers, several week ago I began writing an account of my days in Kenya, of how Kenya has changed me forever. I am considering this manuscript a first draft as I both consolidate some previously written and some new passages into a cohesive story, and it continues today... To start at the beginning, click this…Read more Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 7

Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 5

Another Day in Kenya - Chapter 5 Bumpy At Best Bonding with Jedd continued at a heads-over-heels pace. For the first week, if anyone else except his grandma indicated they wished to hold him, he turned his face and cuddled into my chest. For naps or bedtime, he fell asleep in my arms; and only…Read more Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 5

For the Ragged and Beautiful In 2002, my dear friend Nicole Gillin and I volunteered together with a small team serving at Mother Teresa's Home for Abandoned Children in Nairobi. We've never been the same. Last week we collaborated to create this dance to share our changed hearts at the Flourish 2016 Recital.  Blessed Are the Peacemakers Blessed…Read more For the Ragged and Beautiful

Benevolence at the Heart of the Universe

On a golden autumn afternoon with leaves falling like laughter, free and easy, trees salute purple mountains rising steady and unchanging through the seasons. Transcendence and solidity flow like crisp air. We crest the hill. My first-born drives, sunglasses perched with the innate jazz of youth and a poetic heart. He runs his fingers through his…Read more Benevolence at the Heart of the Universe

“A Beautiful Exchange”

I'm honored and proud to introduce you to my friend, author Megan Nilsen. If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I am passionate about adoption. Adopting two of my children from Kenya forever changed me and my art. To quote artist Makoto Fujimura, "We often think of great artists, musicians,…Read more “A Beautiful Exchange”

Of Loss and Hope

I could still hear her crying in protest as I walked away, down a long, sun-laced hall, like a gangplank. The flap of my flip-flops echoed off tile floors, metal-frame windows, and cement walls. I passed an open doorway where older children huddled at a wooden table perched in an otherwise empty room. A sole…Read more Of Loss and Hope