Would you be willing to help?

Dear friends,

My fiction manuscript proposal is ready for my literary agent to present to publishers, but “platform” is vital to publishers these days – they want to see a ready-made following for a new author before accepting the project. Currently, 264 readers subscribe to my newsletter, and 1000 is the minimum expected by publishers. Would you be willing to subscribe to my quarterly author/artist newsletter updates? If yes, please click here: Fragments of Light.

And if you’d be willing to share the invite via social media, please visit my Art and Writing Facebook page.

My heart’s desire with this work of writing, as with all my creative endeavors, is to offer hope that God’s Presence is never stronger than in the darkest corners of the globe and of our lives.

In case you are interested, here’s the “back cover” copy for the novel, tentatively titled Call of the Indigo Iris:

Talia will do anything to rescue others, whether in relationships in her new town of Pine Springs, Colorado or while traveling for her job to Nairobi, Kenya to support orphan homes. She’s unaware that she’s driven by a compulsive campaign to heal her own heart. Terrified when her walls of resilience begin to crack, the symbolism of a favorite painting of indigo irises seems to call her to healing.

Then a relationship crisis in Colorado exposes her inability to save anyone, much less herself. Soon after, on another trip to Kenya, a life-threatening situation erupts. Will anyone come to her rescue?

Humbly and gratefully,


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