Su on a boat in Ha Long Bay

Allow me to share a story of hope with you. 

High in a Vietnamese mountain village, cheerful, brightly colored tribal clothing adorned a girl. But the orphaned child’s eyes were dull, and the corners of her mouth inevitably turned downward. In her village, Su was known as “the girl who never smiled,” a moniker now long since erased by the love of her new Hope’s Promise parents and siblings.

A visit to Su’s village

After a recent visit to Su’s new family, Hope’s Promise Vietnam Country Coordinator, Thanh, sent a message to me. He included a photo of Su with a bike, captioned: “She ask a bicycle.”

I assumed the message meant Thanh had provided a bike for Su. I shared the photo with a friend, captioned: “Thanh bought a bike for Su.”

She replied: “I’d like to donate to cover the cost of Su’s new bike.”

I forwarded the message to Thanh, who later described his amazement: “When I share picture to Colleen, never think about asking new one. About 45 minutes before, Su begged me for a bike. I told her ‘I will pray God for providing, but you should pray and ask God for that.’ On the way back I got a message from Colleen asking about if she need a bike.

As it turns out, a local church had donated the bike in the photo to the family, but it was non-functional and too small for Su.

Thanh continues: I said, ‘Yes she needs a bike and just begged me for a new bike.’ I called the house father right away. He told me Su just ask whole family to pray for her bike and finished several minutes ago. I feel God hears every word of a little girl.”

I called my friend, who revealed how much she needed this reassurance that God sees our hearts, He hears our prayers. That very day, her family awaited test results to confirm a relative’s suspected cancer diagnosis. She needed that encouragement more than Su needed the bike.

God cares about a little girl who needs a family and wants a bike. He cares about a woman who needs hope. He loves you and me.

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Su, with her new family

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