Sacred Center Holds (2); 2017; 14.75″ x 18.5″; watercolor & acrylic

Do I truly believe…
when the sacred center shatters,
when hope is flung like dandelion parachutes into frigid wind,
when all presses down into winter sleep
when all is lost…

Do I truly believe…
when only the hollow stalk remains,

it is not the end of the story?

Could it be my heart hunkers down
with the very essence of the stalk
in the seeds under all that snow,
cradling irrepressible sparks of life?

Could it be my heart,
burrowing down with them,
will also rise with them –

fragile shoots exploding,
sprinkled across a spring green hill,
millions of them,
growing strong and free?

Could it be the sacred center
shatters to scatter into
eternal light?

I hear the dandelion testify through the years –

for the one who believes, anything is possible.

12 thoughts on “Dandelion

  1. Hi Colleen,

    Beautiful, as always! May I share the picture and poem with the new APIDB FB group?





  2. I know this is true….you just know how to always say what I’d like to articulate! I’m so thankful for God’s creative artists like you!


    • You can’t possibly imagine how encouraging this is to me, Lisa. I don’t ever want to stop at personal expression; but long to express things that are universal, and in the process I hope to offer hope and healing to others.


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