New Pamba Toto blog! (2)


Please forgive me if you are seeing this post for a second time – there was a technical glitch with email delivery on my first attempt, so I am re-posting. 

I am very excited to announce a new blog I am writing and to invite you to join me there as well: Welcome to the new Pamba Toto blog!

Although some of the posts there might be adapted for this blog, the new Pamba Toto blog will include only Pamba Toto-related stories (including our artisans, products and the Sanctuary of Hope kids).

Here’s an intro:

“Do we ever have a story to share with you.

But just to warn you, it’s full of crazy ups and downs. It’s a wild ride where the main theme is that Pamba Toto exists to transform lives from the slums of Nairobi through and because of Christ. How we do that is simple – we buy beautiful products hand-made by artisans in slums and donate our profits to rescue orphans from the slums. But the magic of it all is that we seem to be riding God’s coattails…

…. between all the major plot highlights, shocking surprises and out-of-the-blue happy miracles punctuate the story. And it’s still being written today.

You’ll have to read the blog to find out more….

And perhaps you will even find yourself written into the story, too.”

Hope to see you over there too!

Visit the post for more.

Source: Welcome!

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