One of the biggest thrills of my life was creating the Shine Like Stars exhibit last year. In a last blaze of glory, the stars will shine one more time on Saturday, Aug 13 in my dear friend’s backyard. We are dedicating a tent to display and sell the artwork, with 100% of profits returning to Hope’s Promise for Sanctuary of Hope.

backyard boutique 1 postcard-page-001

My friend, Penny Taylor, will also include her amazing work, Re-Find Restorations,  Sweet Flaves Lemonade will sell hand-crafted specialty drinks, and I will create tents for Pamba Toto and my own artwork. If you are in the area, come celebrate with us!

Meanwhile, Pamba Toto is holding an on-line pre-sale of the artwork through this link: Shine Like Stars artwork.

Just in case you missed my blog posts about this exhibit, you can still see them twinkling through these links:

Shine Like Stars, Collaborative Gallery

DSC_0580 2

The Stars Were Shining


Shine Like Stars, Again


Shine Like Stars, Interview


Below is a gallery of the artwork along with photos of our beloved artists – before they came to SoH and just a month ago when I visited SoH (click photos to view larger):

I am sad to let the stars go, but I know they will brighten their new homes. And, I’m excited to bring a new project to completion that the SoH kids and I started last month with help from amazing Kenyan artist, Ronnie (for those of you know the Karaus – Ronnie is Dash’s husband)…

Coming soon… butterflies!




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