Shine Like Stars…. Again!


My soul twinkled like a night sky at the first “Shine Like Stars” exhibit here in Colorado Springs, and I harbored a secret prayer that God would open an opportunity for the show to shine in another “sky.” My hope is for as many people as possible to meet my beloved friends at Sanctuary of Hope and to learn about Hope’s Promise‘s family-style homes for orphans in Kenya, Vietnam, Nepal, and Zimbabwe. Pastor Paul Lessard, of Castle Oaks Covenant Church in Castle Rock and a friend from a Hope’s Promise trip to Nepal in 2012, attended last October’s opening and thrilled my heart when he invited the show to hang in his church gallery from January through Ash Wednesday.

My awesome sons, Justin and Jedd, helped with the transfer in early January, and the stars shine again! I’m looking forward to sharing about the exhibit with the congregation during their 10 am service on January 24.

(Special thanks to Kim Spead, Creative Director for Castle Oaks Covenant Church).


Shout out to my awesome sons, Jedd and Justin, for helping me hang the show!

Studio update:

I’ve been a little quiet lately, but I’ve very much appreciated visits to my site as I’ve been occupied with other pursuits! I’ve also danced around to some of your sites, and found myself inspired and encouraged!

As well as transferring “Shine Like Stars,” it’s been my privilege to paint a couple commissions (more soon, after they are given to their recipients) and to run away to Florida with my husband and 5000 other people for an amazing conference of Young Life staff members and spouses. I currently have more ideas than time to paint, and I look forward to connecting with you in the New Year!

PS Should you know of an opportunity for “Shine Like Stars” to twinkle in another location after Ash Wednesday, please let me know!


6 thoughts on “Shine Like Stars…. Again!

  1. The gallery of your work and those of the kids showing at Castle Oaks is wonderful and powerful at the same time. The story of Duoc and his Grandmother is breathtaking.


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