Your Voice


For you,
plow my silent body
into arid soil.

where I  lie mute,
plant your seed.
I will hold your fragile roots.

There, tangle in a word,
your word.
Become your word.

Like a tender seedling
whisper to the light,
swell into testament.
Burst above ground.
And then,
dare the morning to sing louder.

When I, trampled,
watch the colors of your voice
slice the sky into a
thousand vibrant wildflowers,
I will know I died
to live again.

In my silence I will scream
“This is your voice,
and it shall be heard.”

3 thoughts on “Your Voice

    • Thank you Tony. This piece flowed from a very deep place of longing for each of my children’s voice to be heard, and especially to rise from the places of ashes into beauty. But also for all those in the world whose voices are not heard….


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