My Personal Response to Charleston

Tears fall as I read these words spoken by William Saunders and quoted by CNN, “One of the things I wanted all my life is to be a man, not a black man, but a man. There’s no way I can ever be a man in Charleston, South Carolina. I will always be a boy to the system.” (

Words fail, although my response has been percolating for a long time, for fifteen years in a very tangible way. In heart space beyond words, I turn to images….

2003 justin and jedd

“Twin” brothers by adoption (six weeks apart in age)

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Best friends by choice

8 thoughts on “My Personal Response to Charleston

    • It’s true, Tony. I’ve observed time and again that children cross culture in Kenya so much easier than adults. They play together, realize that beneath their exterior differences they are all human, and all is well in the world.


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